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President Harding Commends Naval Captain and Crew – Written Just One Year Before His Death

1 page, White House Letterhead,  August 8, 1922., signed boldly in black ink “Warren G. Harding”    Harding writes a commendation letter to Captain of U.S. Navy ship U.S.S. CALIFORNIA.  in part: “As commander-in Chief of the Navy, I am greatly pleased at the evidence of the conspicuous efficiency of the CALIFORNIA, and I cannot too highly praise the earnest and efficient manner in which you, your officers, and your men performed their assigned duties.  On lower portion of letter is a note written and signed by Captain H.J. Zeigemeier, Rear Admiral (to whom the typed letter was addressed) presenting this letter to a deserving Ensign on his ship.

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Early Third Person Letter Written by Ulysses S. Grant Accepting Invitation to Meeting

Early 3rd person autograph letter by U.S. Grant
written while living in St. Louis, Missouri working with
his wife, Julia Dent’s cousin Harry Boggs, unsuccessfully
as a bill collector.
In full:

Major General Grant has
very great pleasure accepting
Genl T R Watts kind invitation
for the evening of the 11th Instant
but should like to know the
hour of the meeting hoping that
it is not to be an impossible

69 Pall Mall St Louis
7 November 1859

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Woodrow Wilson Declines Invitation to Assist at the Inauguration of a Westchester Alumni Association while serving as President of Princeton University



 1 typed page, 7 x 9 1/2,  signed boldly in black ink “Woodrow Wilson” text in full shown below:

Princeton, New Jersey.

21 May, 1903.


My dear Dr. Denniston –

I am sincerely sorry to say that more

engagements than I can count prevent my accepting Dr. Mac-

kenzie’s invitation for the 30th,  Had I had longer

notice it might have been possible for me to arrange it,

but as it is it is quite out of the question.

I shall hope that a visit to Westchester County

is only postponed, and think I shall have some other op-

portunity of meeting the Princeton men there, and assist-

ing them at the inauguration of a Westchester County

Alumni Association.

Very sincerely yours,



Dr. Robert Denniston.

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Senator John F. Kennedy Asks For Support For His Upcoming Presidential Campaign

1 page 5 1/2 x 10 1/2, imprinted U.S. SENATOR  JOHN F. KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT letterhead (small photo of Kennedy printed to the left of his name, Washington, D.C.; signed in black ink “John Kennedy” to Mr. Floyd I. Silk, New York, New York. in part:

“We face a difficult task in the days ahead. I will need your active participation to win in November. Attached is a brief outline suggesting several ways you can help during the campaign …”

Also included is original window envelope from campaign postmarked October 7, 1960

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John F. Kennedy Speech Before the Massachussetts Legislature 1961



2 single typed pages, 8 1/2 x 11,  Signed in black ink on lower right center of second page “John F. Kennedy” This is a rousing speech given before the Massachusetts State Legislature in 1961 asking the members 4 separate questions about their commitment to stand up for courage, judgement, integrity and indignation in the current session at Beacon Hill in Boston and Capitol Hill.

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