Henry Morton Stanley apologies to American Diplomat for not being able to visit him while in Florence, Italy

In Full

(right side)         2 Richmond Terrace                   Florence

Whitehall,  S.W.                               Hotel

April 4 1893

Dear Mr. Tuckeman

We are such

a large party in this visit to

Florence and having no

particular will of my own

afraid I am pledged to follow

others every afternoon while

here. You as a man of

family will understand how

good natured husbands are



Should I however


(left side)

discover a break in the family

arrangement I will at once

avail myself of it to renew

our acquaintance which was

begun with Tuck country on

your part in 1859 at Athens

I commend myself to Mrs.

Tuckerman oblige you to

believe me.

Faithfully Yours,

Henry M. Stanley

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Sir Henry Morton Stanley writes concerning updating his will

In Full:

160 New Bond Street, W/

Dec 6th/85

My Dear Manton

Before I departed
from England in 1879. for
the Congo. I left an envelope
with you which contained
my will. Will you kindly
send it to me that I might
improve it.

Faithfully yours
Henry M. Stanley

E. Manton Esq

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